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Hablamos Español! At NOVA Academy, our curriculum revolves around only speaking Spanish, amongst both children and teachers. Research says, and has proven, that children are capable of learning two or more languages. With all of our staff being fluent in both Spanish and English, we are all able to build a strong bi-lingual foundation for each child, by both understanding and speaking with them for all of their needs. Some of our children are even trilingual. They are capable of amazing things!

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Our vision is to be recognized as the leading example for early childhood practices. It is our mission to bring forth a fun, safe, and natural discovery-driven learning experience. Nature has played a role in each of our lives, everyday, for as long as we can remember. Developing a strong connection with nature guides children to be natural discovery-driven learners. To nature!


Dora Ramos

Owner/Certified Provider

With over 30 years of experience in working with children, Dora continues to make her dream come true: providing education through nature for all ages. Dora has a degree in Early Childhood Education, and Social Work. Prior to starting NOVA Academy, Dora was Co-Owner at Shiny Rocks Daycare for 4 years, a Parent Educator/Social Worker at Family Centers for young-children families for 10+ years, and Head Teacher at both Bright Horizons & CLC William Pitt for 12+ years.

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